Metro West Municipal Permits

Making changes, upgrades, or modifications to any property, whether commercial or residential is not as straightforward as you may believe that they are. You may own the property and feel that you are capable and able of making such changes however, every municipality requires one form or another of permission to make these changes.

Not acquiring the appropriate permit within the appropriate timeline can mean trouble and you are likely to run into any myriad of problems.

What Municipal Permits May Cover:

  • Electrical changes or upgrades
  • Plumbing upgrades or changes
  • Accessibility upgrades, hazards, or modifications
  • Hazardous builds or fire safety issues

Any number of changes that you are intent on making can cause a possible issue as far as the municipality is concerned and to ensure safety, they require that you file for the necessary permits prior to engaging in any kind of work order or modification.

Not obtaining proper permits can mean fines, fees and penalties in addition to a financial loss if you have to undo work that you’ve already financed.

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