Metro West Subdivision And Wetlands


Subdivisions, much like any type of property build or modification of the like require approval.  Often, Builders and Developers buy these properties.  Quite often you’ll be dealing with any number of individuals, ie., attorneys, engineers, other developers, and surveyors. Whether you are acquiring or developing an entire plot, a lot, work facilitated on this type of project requires permission as it may ultimately involve the paving of new roads, waterlines, and sewage systems.

Requirements related to subdivisions are similar across the board, however, they are generally based on proposals central to a plat map which will include the entirety of the property mass and what the subdivision will be broken up into or divided into, i.e, sections, lots and blocks. An experienced attorney can walk you through the process and lias to reduce your direct contact and allow the process to run more smoothly.


Building and developing on wetlands is a complex matter.  It is vital that you understand the regulations in the area of your intended build prior to initiating any contracts. While there is a variety of wetland are that is considered attractive or ideal for a build, the fact is that Wetlands often have specific protections that generally make them more difficult to develop if it is allowed at all.  There is no way around these wetland protections so, it is always best to understand the full scope of the property or land that you’re purchasing and what if any portion of it contains wetland.

What is a Wetland?

According to the (EPA) The Environmental Protection Agency wetlands are “areas where water covers the soil or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods of time during the year, including during the growing season.”

Outside of the fact that Wetlands are protected, depending on the type of Wetland involved, it may actually be a detriment to your build and therefore pose a danger to the intended structure.  It is best to work with a professional attorney when dealing with wetlands who is able to guide you and provide you with an understanding of any risks associated with the type of wetland and build your project may involve.

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