Real Estate Attorneys in Metro West, Massachusetts

Real Estate transactions, whether residential or commercial in nature can be complicated matters. Although you may be able to maneuver through the transaction without legal counsel, it is not recommended. A Metro West real estate attorney is better suited to guide you through the process.

Let A Veteran Real Estate Legal Team Help You

With the knowledge that both residential and commercial real estate have a tendency toward the complex, our team has the skills and reputation to provide you with in-depth, comprehensive counsel through every element of your transaction whether it is commercial real estate or residential real estate.

Metro West Residential Real Estate

With decades of combined experience, our Residential Real Estate Attorneys can assist you with every aspect of your real estate transaction. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, our team is dedicated to helping you.

Buying A Home In Metro West, Massachusetts

Acquiring your first home is likely the largest purchase that you will ever make. It is a purchase made with the intention of setting down roots for the rest of your life or for an extended period of time. It is vital that you work with a real estate attorney who has your needs and interests in mind.  Most Real Estate Agents or Brokers will inundate you will call attempting to rush the process along, the same may be true for your mortgage broker, an experienced Real Estate team with handle issues on all fronts to free you from the constant stress that is often related to a home purchase.In addition, our team will ensure that any purchase contract that you sign addresses your long and short term needs such as :

  • Seller assistance if needed
  • Assistance with financial documents and liaising with your bank
  • A contingency that allows you to rescind your offer should the home have damages

Selling a Home

Just as in the case of a home purchase, it is important that you have appropriate and qualified legal counsel during the course of your residential home sale. There are many components in a home sale that need to be addressed to make sure that you are protected and these include:

  • Documented elements that protect all of your rights and serve your best interests
  • Disclosures and agreements that entitle you to any damages should the seller not fulfill their obligations
  • Contracts containing all vital information related to the closing including financial disclosures, date, time, and location.

While you may sell your home without an attorney, it can prove to be complex, and navigating through the sale will be more stressful.  Working with an experienced real estate attorney can eliminate much of the presser associated with a home sale and allow you to focus on your day-to-day life and business operations.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.